Distribution of Oklahoma Amphibian and Reptiles by Recorded Sightings

Note: DOKARRS is currently offline for modernization. It will return as an integrated component of the Oklahoma Biodiversity Information System. You may still request data from the database through our online request form or by contacting our data manager. You may also continue to contribute sightings to the database using our online submission form.


Distribution of Oklahoma Amphibian and Reptile Recorded Sightings (DOKARRS) is a database of recorded sightings of amphibians and reptiles in Oklahoma. Records have been entered by students, researchers, enthusiasts and others. Dr. Charles Carpenter, herpetologist at the University of Oklahoma, began the database in the mid 1970s. The most recent entry is dated 1998.

DOKARRS is intended as a repository for all field records of both sighted and collected amphibians and reptiles in Oklahoma. Oklahoma specimen records from the University of Michigan Museum, the Carnegie Museum, and other museums are included. The database does not include specimen records from the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. The information in the database is intended for public use as well as for academic research purposes.

The Oklahoma Biological Survey/Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory cannot warranty the accuracy or utility of the data. These data may require a certain level of biological expertise for proper analysis, interpretation and application. Our staff is available to advise you on the technical aspects of these data.